Hello and thank you for visiting!

My name is William Ngo and I am a finance broker based in Sydney. 

I first started helping people with their financial lending needs more than a decade ago and I am very grateful to still be helping people today.

If I was asked to describe myself in 5 words these would be:

  1. Selflessness

  2. Supportive

  3. Humourous

  4. Respectful

  5. Empathetic

My personality traits are what make me who I am and I am very grateful to have these tools in life as I would not be where I am today without them. 

I treat all of my customers in the same way I treat friends, family and people that I meet in life. To always listen, understand, support and respect them.

I love having conversations with people in any environment and getting to know who they are.

From a lending perspective, when you get to know someone and understand what they want to achieve, you can provide a much more suited solution.

Sometimes people just want to talk and find out  more about their situation, and that is okay with me. I have had plenty of meetings where the "pep talk" is all that was needed. I walk away feeling better about myself and that I have helped one more person.

I try to have the answers, but there will be times where I do not - this is a good opportunity for me to research, find the answer and learn something new for myself.

I help clients obtain the best loans for their lending needs - I present all the information, pros and cons to the client and they ultimately choose who they want to go with. My approach is focused on addressing their needs and financial situations throughout the entire financing process. I am experienced, trustworthy, and always reachable. No matter the question, I am here to help in the best way possible.

What else about me on a professional level?

  • I am an Australian Cedit License (ACL) holder 

  • I am a member of the FBAA

  • I am a member of Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA)

  • I have accreditation with over 20 different lenders

  • I have over 2 decades of customer service experience

What else about me on a personal level?

  • I have a wonderful supportive family consisting of my amazing mum, wonderful sister and beautiful, artistic, very creative wife who also shares my sense of humour, an awesome eldest son and two adorable little gals (oh and almost forgot to mention my dog, plus latest additions 2 x lovebirds - thanks Uncle Joe)

  • I love eating ice cream, chocolates and sweets of all types

  • My passion growing up was basketball, but my passion now is a martial art called Brazilian Jujitsu (if you have not tried this one, you should)

  • I can talk all day about the things I love

Now that you know a little about me, let's get to know you! Contact me today for a chat.

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